Archery & Paintball Targetshoot

• Compound archery is also available.

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• 15 meter range is available.


Recurve Bow Archery 10 shots Rs. 100/-
Compound Bow Archery 10 shots Rs. 200/-
Paintball Shooting 20 shots Rs. 150/-


  • Always ensure 100% safety while practicing archery sport (SAFETY FIRST) Archery may
    cause grievous injuries to the user or the people around him/her if the bows/arrows are not
    handled safely by the user
  • Archery Equipment is strictly for sports, recreation and target practice only
  • IMPORTANT- Never shoot your bow without an arrow (DRY FIRE) Doing so could damage
    the unit and cause possible injury. Never pull the bowstring without an arrow.
  • Do not make changes or alterations to any parts of the bow
  • Never point an arrow particularly the one loaded in the bow towards any living being, even
    for the sake of fun or to cause fear.
  • Always keep the bow pointed in the safe direction. Be sure that the arrow shall hit the target
    board while releasing the bowstring
  • Never shoot an arrow up into the air; it is very dangerous as it can injure anyone including
    you seriously
  • Never draw the bowstring beyond the anchor point i.e. beyond your jaw
  • Use only the equipment fitted for your specifications and assigned to you
  • Never shoot at the target when someone is in the vicinity of the target Range or even could
    be in the vicinity unseen by you or even when there is someone in front of you
  • Load the arrow on the bow only while you are on the shooting line and when field is clear
  • Never Load the arrow while aiming the bow upwards. Always load the arrow and pull the
    bowstring while the bow is pointing the target
  • Always wait for the signal from the instructor before beginning to shoot
  • Always follow instructor’s advice
  • Children below the age of 18 years should always be supervised by a parent /adult/instructor.
  • Wear safety gear for fingers and wrist
  • Do ask the instructor/conductor for instruction and technique. This way is safer and more fun
  • Do not enter the archery area without a conductor/instructor.
  • Never go near the target board. The conductor/instructor shall give you your point details
  • Any damage to the bow, arrows or any equipment, cost shall be borne by the user
  • Similar point and shoot safety rules apply for Paintball Target Shoot